The Company has been awarded a $90 million five year, time and materials (T&M) contract by the General Services Administration (GSA) Region 6, Kansas City, for Federal Acquisition Services for Technology (FAST). The FAST contract is a Government program that provides a quick low-cost buying service for IT products and services. FAST is designed to leverage GSA's 25-plus years of IT acquisition experience across government. FAST offers quality products and services, and a highly qualified staff of technical, administrative, financial and contracting professionals for all Federal Government acquisition needs.


    All branches and departments of the Federal Government worldwide.

    Functional Areas:

    • IT Products and Services
    • Noncomplex Turnkey Solutions
    • Systems Integration
    • Documentation Preparation
    • Systems Design
    • Evaluate Alternative Implementations Dissemination
    • Integration Plan Development
    • Hardware/Software Acquisition
    • Component Integration
    • Components and Systems Testing
    • Systems Installation
    • Systems Maintenance and Repair
    • Training

    Ordering FAST services from the Company or RMS, our subcontractor, is simple. Just contact your ITFederal, RMS representative, or Mr. Curt Tran at (202)756-0281 ext. 202 or via E-mail:

    If you have any questions about this or another Federal Contract or Service that the Company can provide to your organization, please Contact Us.

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