In order to accomplish the mission, the Corporation will implement a Market Leadership Approach to business. Through the market leadership approach we will direct our total business capability to obtaining a market leadership position in our targeted markets by the year 2005. The market leadership approach involves:

    • Achieving a quality conformance level in contract performance that certifies the Company's ability to perform to standards and specifications and reinforces our good reputation with our customers
    • Viewing our entire business as if we were the customer - from the "outside-in" - so that the external market opportunities we identify will be exploited by using our current capabilities to the best possible advantage while identifying new disciplines to pursue
    • Making unwavering commitments to attaining operational capabilities advantage which will produce a long-term competitive advantage
    • Establishing business processes that add value and improve performance, eliminate redundancy among functions and slash costs caused by poor quality
    • Targeting market segments for investment where the Company's capabilities can attain sustained competitive advantage and realize the highest possible value
    • Anticipating market opportunities and responding before customers recognize the need and maximizing the use of existing contractual vehicles.



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